Erik K. Antonsson, Caltech, U.S. Patents
Erik K. Antonsson
U.S. Patents

United States Patent & Trademark Office (U.S. PTO).
  1. 4,222,382   (276k PDF | 14k HTML)   Femoral Component Hip Joint Prosthesis Extractor
  2. 4,957,369   (852k PDF | 47k HTML)   Apparatus for Measuring Three-Dimensional Surface Geometries
  3. 6,131,385   (481k PDF | 21k HTML)   Integrated Pulsed Propulsion System for Microsatellite
  4. 6,216,445   (715k PDF | 42k HTML)   Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster and Method of Operating Same
    A Certificate of Correction was issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on September 10, 2002, correcting the list of named inventors, to add my name, which was erroneously omitted when the patent application was filed. (15k PDF)
  5. 6,398,490   (284k PDF | 16k HTML)   Oscillating Microturbine
  6. 6,621,687   (459k PDF | 26k HTML)   Micro-supercapacitor
  7. 6,861,170   (297k PDF | 20k HTML)   Volumetric micro batteries
  8. 7,070,204   (406k PDF | 14k HTML)   Programmable gas generator using microcells

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