Steady Blue, Clear View
Flashing Blue, Clouds are Due
Steady Red, Rain Ahead
Flashing Red, Snow Instead

-- Messages conveyed by the column of lights atop the Berkeley Building (the old John Hancock Tower), Boston, MA.

The beacon also gives Red Sox fans an update, Flashing Red when a home game is postponed.
When the Red Sox broke The Curse and won the 2004 World Series, the light flashed red and blue for the first and only time in its 60-year history.
The seven-story beacon gets its glow from 288 neon lights -- half blue, half red-- run from an operations center located in the basement.
No fancy computer needed, just three switches: power, color, and blinking.
-- Boston magazine, January, 2010, Page 124.

Thanks to "David" who left a voice-mail message on April 18, 2009, correcting the location of the lights.

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