NSF Sponsored Workshop on Structured Design Methods for MEMS


This workshop arose from discussions at the preceding two NSF sponsored workshops: New Paradigms for Manufacturing held at the National Science Foundation on May 2-4, 1994 NSF:94, and Design Methodologies for Solid Freeform Fabrication held at the Engineering Design Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University on June 5-6, 1995 NSF:95. These workshops examined the idea of applying VLSI-like design methods to selected areas of mechanical design. These discussions suggested that the two areas to explore first are SFF and MEMS. The workshop that produced this report: Structured Design Methods for MEMS held at the California Institute of Technology on November 12-15, 1995, builds on the earlier: Small Machines, Large Opportunities: A Report on the Emerging Field of Microdynamics, Report of the {NSF} Workshop on Microelectromechanical Systems Research, 1988 NSF:88, and explored a research agenda for extending VLSI-like design methods to MEMS.

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