NSF Sponsored Workshop on Structured Design Methods for MEMS


On November 12-15, 1995 a workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation was held at the California Institute of Technology to discuss and explore the research issues involved in developing structured design methodologies for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). The Workshop gathered attendees from many of the major research universities involved in MEMS fabrication and MEMS design research, as well as several industry representatives. The goal of the Workshop was to identify areas of profitable fundamental research in the area of structured design methods for MEMS. The primary question posed to the Workshop was the following: Can the successes in developing structured design methods for digital VLSI be extended into the domain of MEMS? If so, what lessons can be learned and transferred?

The workshop attendees were divided into four discussion groups, and a series of questions were suggested to each group:

These four groups met over the course of the four day workshop, with twice-daily meetings of the whole group for discussion and interchange. The reports of the four discussion groups are included in Section reports of this report. The whole-group discussions helped refine the group discussions, developed some common themes, and also generated an over-arching agreement on the necessity for some infrastructure development. A brief report on suggested infrastructure developments in included in Section reports.

A brief introduction to the background of this report is included in the next section, followed by brief summaries of each discussion group's findings and recommendations, followed by the full report of each group.

Each participant was encouraged to write a position paper in conjunction with the workshop. These are attached to this report in Section papers.

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