Charge to the NSF Workshop on Structured Design Methods for MEMS

Dr. Bernard Chern
Division Director
Microelectronic Information Processing Systems (MIPS)
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22230
tel: 703/306-1940, Fax: 703/306-0610

The goal of research in rapid prototyping is to develop and integrate methodologies, tools, environments and technologies needed to be able to automate the rapid, efficient and accurate design and construction of processes, artifacts and systems of artifacts. A key long term objective is to develop a design methodology that can be applied generally to mechanical and electromechanical systems.

This workshop is intended to identify and encourage research efforts on implementing MEMS design methodologies. The scope of these efforts, however, includes not just the design methodology itself, but also the design tools, design environments and design technologies that will be available for rapid prototyping using MEMS.

At this workshop we will grapple with research needed to create a VLSI-like design methodology (including tools, environments, levels of abstraction, etc.) for the MEMS technologies in which there is a clean separation between design and fabrication; that is, between the design community with its concerns about CAD tools, design environments, etc., and the fabrication community with its concerns about equipment and processing capabilities as well as such customer servicing criteria as cost and responsiveness.

To achieve such an outcome we will need to answer some key questions:

A successful workshop for developing a common design methodology for the MEMS technologies will result in:

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